Praise Wall

Trust Without Boarders & Favor & Grace

1.My vehicle is broke down & my warranty has expired of only 1,000 past 36,000, please Pray That Nissan will give me Favor & Grace & Pay to Repair my car in Jesus Name I Pray????
2. My husband is Sick since last June 2018-COPD Emphysema Stage 4, he won’t stop smoking. I can’t control what another person does. It’s been very Hard on Me then I went into Oppression & Insomia. But Jesus Has Delivered me from the Oppression Ty Jesus! But I’m still struggling with Insomnia, I know he is delivered me from Insomnia it will be gone soon! I made a decision to Take Care of Myself & that is why I’m doing So Much Better & Getting Better By the Moment When I decided to take care of myself I Could Feel Jesus Light In Me Immediately! Thank you for Ageeing in Prayer with Me ❤️????????