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Update on Marine

By April 17, 2019 No Comments

My son-in-law&family are in need of urgent help.He’s a Marine&has PTSD,TBI,a record(one incident),&is an alcoholic.He&my daughter have 3 boys,the oldest in high school.She has supported the family for years.He has checked himself into mental health hospitals&most recently the VA.He has a great pastor that counsels him.But recently the landlady decided she needs to sell the house they have lived in for 10 years.They have been struggling for years.A couple of months ago they had a car repoed.They cannot get a loan anywhere because of bad credit&his past.I have helped where I can,but I am on a fixed income.Rental properties are much higher than they pay now.And this is a super busy time of year – end of school events.She’s used up all her vacation days.They don’t know what to do.They are running out of time&moneyThey thought they had a new landlord.But decided no because the house is out of control with too many things.The house has been messy for a longtime.They don’t know where to turn.