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Urban Legends & The Church

Is the vaccine the “mark of the beast” from Revelation 13? Did the Apostle John really climb out of a vat of boiling oil unscathed? Did Martin Luther actually nail his ninety-five theses to the door of the Roman Catholic Church? Dr. Michael Svigel of Dallas Theological Seminary sits down with Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez to discuss Urban Legends of Church History (available now in bookstores) and why we need to get this right. Also find Dr. Michael Svigel on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Cairn 10: From Generation to Generation (with Mike Svigel) | Cairn University

Besides teaching both historical and systematic theology at DTS, Dr. Svigel is actively engaged in teaching and writing for a broader evangelical audience. His passion for a Christ-centered theology and life is coupled with a penchant for humor, music, and writing. Dr. Svigel comes to DTS after working for several years in the legal field as well as serving as a writer with the ministry of Insight for Living. His books and articles range from text critical studies to juvenile fantasy. He and his wife, Stephanie, have three children, Sophie, Lucas, and Nathan.

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