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Urgent prayer required

By November 29, 2018 No Comments

My lover has ended up our 6 year relationship stating that this doesnt work and and he is seeking another proposals just to satisfy his parents by cheating on me who waited for 6 years.Both of us are 30 years old, I am 8 months older to him. He says he will soon get married to someone and make kids. I feel disheartened and succumb severe panic attacks as he says so. I am still madly in love with him, inturn he says he too loves me but circumstances doesnt allow to have a happy life for us together and so he planned to leave me. I was a Hindu and he is a Catholic, before 5 months i took baptism. I feel deeply worried and tensed as he is getting ready for another marriage for pleasing his parents. when he had nothing he had only me to stand by him, to support him, to care for him. Now he is an Asst. Bank Manager, has got decent salary, secure job, bought new car ..has got all facilities and hence he ditched me . Also pray for my canada migration process to be completed without much delay