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This Is Us – Tear Flavored Popcorn…true story!

By November 20, 2017 No Comments

Here is my favorite foodie find that I had to share with you.  Hulu and Sprint have come together for a fun collaboration promoting their new joint service: tv show flavored popcorn! Pure genius!
Some of the featured flavors:

This Is Us  fans can expect their poppable snack to be extra salty, like the tears you shed watching week after week

Buffy fans should get ready for popcorn with a serious garlic bite, to ward off those vampires, of course

Always Sunny in Philadelphia can look forward to popcorn that tastes like Philly Cheesesteaks made. Other flavors include a Seinfeld popcorn that tastes like nothing (for the show about nothing) 

Cheers-inspired flavor reminiscent of the beer and pretzels served at one of TV’s most iconic bars

Unfortunately it’s not easy to come by…you’ll have to send out a tweet #HungryforHulu and see if you’ll be a lucky one to win a bag of the new popcorn flavors.

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