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Veteran Finding My Way

I am a USAF veteran from the Vietnam Era. While in basic I was sexually assaulted by a sargent. What is referred to now as MST (military sexual trauma). It was a holiday, and to keep us busy, myself and other trainees were sent to clean offices. Once at the bldg, we were separated. While alone in the office, the sgt entered, and sexually assaulted me. This felt like it went on forever, Eventually the sgt left. When he came back, the other trainees were with him. We were marched back to the squad We were ordered to stay quiet if we wanted to stay in. 42 years later, I am finally dealing with the MST. 5 failed marriages, family issues, attempted suicides, and isolation from God, is what I lived. I was lost. Now I am in treatment at the VA to deal with this. I have come back to God and was baptized in June 2016. I am starting to feel like I am not worthless, and I am a child of God, I1 in 4 women experience MST. Thank you KCBI for your music. I am Redeemed.