Afternoons with Lauree

VIDEO: Celebrate with Lauree | My Suicide Attempt Failed

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This is the ‘why’ we Celebrate everyday in the noon hour.

This has been an organic movement of the KCBI community that started randomly one day, after I made a comment about the negativity in our world today.Iinstead of focusing on THAT…I suggested “Let’s celebrate THIS…whatever “THIS” is in your life! You just give me the reason we are celebrating and I’ll bring all the hype, high kicks and hoot’n’holler’n!! We don’t need a stinkin excuse…we’re gonna celebrate!”

Greg was one of the first calls…I still get chills when I hear this sweet man’s journey, his pain and his hope!! There is HOPE in Jesus!

You can call each day and let me celebrate whatever your “THIS” is…another day of sobriety, cancer-free, kitty’s birthdays, reconciled marriages or ______.

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