Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

There Is Only One Voice That Matters

Baseball season is officially over for Rebecca’s son but something recently happened at a game that is a great reminder of how we should be in our relationship with God.

It’s no secret that there are certain parents that can be VERY loud at games and scream the whole time. In a lot of ways, they are trying to coach their kids from the sideline and so the coach ended up going to the parents and saying, “The coaching happens over here.”

During one moment in the baseball game, Nick (Rebecca’s son) was being yelled at from the bleachers by various parents but Rebecca was proud that Nick was listening only to one voice: his coach. It was because of that decision that Nick was able to do exactly what his coach said and therefore, he made the right call.

This is exactly what we can be guilty of in our own lives is that we give so much time to the voices all around us that we neglect to listen for the one that really matters: God.

So who are you listening to today? I can promise you one thing: the loudest voice in the room is always the one you’re listening to.

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