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Walls Were Broken Down By Kindness

By July 6, 2022 No Comments

It’s amazing what can happen when we choose kindness when we face adversity. Sometimes, it change the dynamic of a relationship marked by years of toxic behavior!

This past weekend, I was back home for my sister’s 80th birthday and while I was there, I was a reconnected with an old ‘Frenemy’ (a person you’re friendly with, but there’s an understood dislike for each other). Back in the day we used to play cards together and our relationship was nothing but toxic. Rude comments, sarcastic remarks, nothing that felt genuine. He told some other frenemies that I was back in town so we all got together. I was ready for a testosterone-filled evening of conversation, but this time, I said something to him I’d never said before:

“Hey man, how’s your family?”

What followed was a night of prideful walls being broken down by kindness. One shared that he has 8 grandkids, another is about to retire with full benefits, the other just overcame a major health scare. A night that started as frenemies ended with brotherly love and celebration of one another. All it took was one act of kindness.