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Was Lost and Now Found

By May 19, 2020 No Comments

Hey my name is Phuong Mai I’m an Vietnamese American.I would like to share a little bit about my life story on how Jesus Christ change my life. My life story is not like no other .Born in the country lived in the suburb raised in the housing/project.The only Asian family including my cousin was the only Asians in the project.Lost and bound to the streets.Drug dealing gangs and prisons.That fast life of money woman looking nice lead to incarceration for 5years but God had a plan a plan to show me his Love n Grace.He took me out of hurt and Love and forgiveness.from anger and sadness to patience n joy.first generation in my family to be a Christian all are Buddhism.i am actually trying to write a book story of my life not to glorify the gang life ,drug dealing or living that fast life but to show people that God can work through people like us.And change people like us.Use people like us.i thank Kcbi for having the love a Passion for the lost lonely hurt and mostlytheincarcerated