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Ways To Live Large On A Small Budget

For most of us, we often have to say no to certain things because we have other priorities with our money like bills, food, housing, clothing, and other basic necessities. However, did you know there are ways for you to live large while also being faithful and true to your budget? Check these out!

1. Seek Quality Over Quantity

It’s important when you’re shopping that you choose quality because even though getting more might sound smarter, the fact that you’re shopping less frequently will definitely help your budget and create flexibility for you to save for those more expensive items down the road.

2. Eat Well on Less

There’s a myth out there that says you can’t eat healthily on a budget and naturally, this is only a myth. I know how appealing things are as you look at the dollar menu or discounted food items, but in reality, you can actually find great produce and food at farmer’s markets all over your area which can not only save you money but give you a better product.

3. Splurge on Lunch Instead of Dinner

This might sound counter-intuitive but when you think of the nutritional benefit of dinner as opposed to lunch, you’re actually depending more on what you’re eating for lunch to fuel you for the day as opposed to dinner which usually happens shortly before bed.

4. Take Advantage of Nature for Exercising

We’re not saying that gym memberships are bad because we definitely see it’s value but if you’re somebody on a budget looking to save where you can, take advantage of the beautiful nature around you and take in some of that fresh sunshine for free while also doing what you could be doing at a gym.

5. Make Gourmet Coffee at Home

It’s no secret that coffee shops are showing up EVERYWHERE and while we won’t say names, the price of coffee adds up real fast if you’re buying it several times a week. If you simply just made coffee at home, you’d be saving a TON of money.

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