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We have not because we ask not.

December 14, 2016

My name is Kat but I go by Angel to most of my family and friends. I’ve been a single mom since 2003 to two children. I have a son that’s 17 and a daughter that’s 19. I can’t tell you the debts of how God has come thru for us during the most hardening of times. My daughter suffered a concussion a few years ago in the midst of us losing our home. But through it, I continued to work and keep them in school. We’ve moved several times and my children attended several schools during that time. Two years ago, I decided to move to Texas for a fresh start for my kids and I. My son decided to stay with his father to finish high school. He normally flies out every Christmas to spend time with us. I miss him dearly and tearing up just thinking about it. This October, I had to have total left knee replacement due to degenerative damage. I’ve been off work since and unable to pay rent this month. My disability is not enough to cover rent and flying my son here for Christmas. I’m believing in God.