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We Need To Follow In The Footsteps Of The Finnish

Finland has a strong social safety net and longstanding traditions and distinct styles of living that foster and promote joy — even in bad weather.

Social Environment

Make sure you have a couple of happy friends in your immediate circle of friends. For every new friend, you’re 15 percent more likely to be happy.

Saving Money Whenever Possible.

The effect of financial security is about three times as long-lasting and effective as the feeling of buying a new gadget or new pair of shoes. Financial security is better for long term happiness.”

Getting Outdoors & Walking, If Able

By and large these happiest places make an overt effort to be walkable. In Copenhagen, 55 percent of all trips in that city are taken on foot, and it’s similar in Helsinki. These cities are not designed just for cars, but for humans. Also, take that time and use it to study God’s word and clear your mind to have some intimate time with Him.

Isn’t that incredible advice? Thank you to Nicole Spector from NBC News BETTER for providing this article and if you’d like to read her full story, you can click here!

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