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Weird New Years Traditions Around the World…Let’s Just Say I’m Not Going to #19 Peru for their NYE’s Party!

By December 28, 2017 No Comments

A clean slate, a clean home, a restart is how we think about the New Year. We’ve set goals, we’ve put away all the Christmas decorations and the home feels a bit empty, but fresh! Well we first have to get over the New Years Even threshold to claim the new year of 2018.  You have to check out some of these traditions around the world. I was most intrigued by #19 Peru… terrifying…but kinda beautiful.  “Kinda.”
And #1 Eating for Abundance in Estonia.  They will eat 7 times on New Years Day to ensure they have a year of abundance.   Hmmm. may be hard to jump start that clean eating goal I was thinking of 🙂

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