Praise Wall

Welcome to Texas

The moving company we used informed us that if we went over the listed items we would have to pay extra so we immediately told the person to let us know when it starts to get close. The person didn’t tell us until the very last minute when he informed us that he would not be able to take all of our things. My question to him was ” how are you not able to take items that we signed a contract for?” he stated we reached our allotted space and there wasn’t anymore space on the truck. We were frantic because we were trying to leave Georgia and still had half of our things, not to mention being charged almost 2,000 dollars for items that were never taken. This left us to take money from our reserves to rent a truck and pay people to move our stuff to a storage unit in GA. After being in Texas for a week my husband was in a car accident while driving for Uber. We really needed that income because now rent is due and the moving company won’t deliver our things until full payment is made.