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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: Amazon’s Astro Robot

By October 4, 2021 No Comments

Photo courtesy: Tech Talks

Amazon announced a home robot named Astro during a press event last week.

Astro has a rotating screen on wheels and features animated eyes that can respond to user interaction. The robot can also move from room to room while avoiding obstacles inside the home.

Astro is built on Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and can perform multiple tasks including recommending TV shows, deliver reminders, and provide updates on Amazon deliveries.

The robot also integrates with Ring doorbell cameras and other safety products in the Alexa family.

According to Amazon, the robot will include a “live view” feature that will allow you to check on people and pets in real-time. You will also be able to turn on “do not disturb” to limit how many times Astro moves while you’re trying to sleep.

The robot will be offered as “invitation only” and will be priced at $999.99. The company started accepting invites Monday and plans to start granting invitations and shipping the robot later this year.

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