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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: Heinz Packet Roller

By October 25, 2021 No Comments

A ketchup packet does not contain a lot of ketchup. Sure, the more ketchup averse among us may be able to get by with a single sachet, but it’s much more common to see people grabbing these tiny packs by the fistful, sometimes using as much as an entire packet on just a fry or two.

For these diehard ketchup enthusiasts, squeezing every last drop of condiment out of the packet can be crucial. And even for those with a plentiful supply, at a time when the world is trying to reduce its plastic packet waste, leaving unused ketchup inside while reaching to open another one is simply not environmentally friendly.

So to help deal with this issue, Heinz, the arguable king of ketchup, is about to release what they are billing as their “biggest innovation in sauce since the packet itself”: The Heinz Packet Roller, a device specifically designed to extract every last drop of ketchup out of the packet.

To use the device — which is shaped like a tiny ketchup bottle and has a metal loop for fitting on a keychain — simply insert the closed end of your ketchup packet into the slot on one side of the Packet Roller and then pull it out the other side. As the packet slides through, the condiment will be conveniently forced out the open end.

So how do you get a roller? Anyone can buy one at the very Heinz price of $5.70 here!

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