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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: Lasso Loop Recycling

By March 29, 2021 No Comments

The power to change recycling for good is now in your hands. Meet the home recycling solution that will not only give me to you, but also give back to your planet.

Unlike your current curb-side recycling bin, which jumbles bottles, tins, plastics and paper together, Lasso produces recycled materials of a far higher quality than its industrial cousins. Used glass, plastic and metals can then be manufactured into goods of the same or similar value. This is closed-loop recycling.

The current curb-side collection of mixed-stream recycling is not working as well as it should. Less than 50% of the recycling collected is actually being recycled. An even smaller percentage is remanufactured into products of similar value:

Plastic from a curbside mixed collection is more likely to be sent to landfill or incinerated under the guise of energy recovery. Recyclable glass from a curbside mixed collection is more likely to be used to replace dirt as a daily covering layer in landfill (did you ever wonder why there is so much crushed glass on the roads in recovery centers?)

The earlier and more effectively different materials can be separated and kept clean, the more chance the recyclables have of being reused. Bottle banks have a higher recycling rate than the mixed curb-side bin because the items are separated by material type and color which helps reduce, but not eliminate, contamination of the waste stream.

The Lasso takes this much further by separating materials at point of use. They are cleaned, processed and securely stored to retain their optimum form with no contamination that can feed back into the manufacturing of new products. Then they can be recycled back into products of the same or similar value, glass containers back to glass containers, plastic bottles back to plastic bottles, aluminum cans back to aluminum cans. This is the closed-loop system. It reduces emissions, maintains the value of valuable materials, and saves resources.

If you’d like to learn more about the future of recycling: Lasso Loop Recycling, click here!