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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: North Texas Hyperloop

By February 17, 2020 No Comments

If this happens in North Texas, it will truly change everything! Imagine being able to go from Dallas to Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or even Laredo all within 30 minutes! It’s possible that with this proposed Virgin Hyperloop One that North Texas could be the site of the first Hyperloop in the United States!

Here is what WFAA Channel 8 had to say in their coverage:

“The electromagnetic tube technology which boasts speeds of 670 miles an hour would take passengers from DFW to Laredo in about 45 minutes.

Trips from North Texas to Austin would take about 17 minutes. And it would take about 25 minutes from North Texas to San Antonio.

The company has already completed trial runs in its testing facility in Nevada but is looking to create a larger certification facility somewhere in the United States.

Jeff Williams, Arlington’s mayor, said with a booming population, he’s excited to see if North Texas is chosen as a site for the facility and the proposed route.

“It’s exciting that Hyperloop has identified North Texas as one of the areas that they are considering doing the first Hyperloop in the United States,” Williams said.

The facility would require a large space to be developed over the next four years.

According to Thursday’s presentation, the certification facility would require the construction of a mile of tube between February 2020 and August 2021 with up to nine miles by November 2023.”

Isn’t that absolutely incredible? Job opportunities would skyrocket, distant family wouldn’t feel so far away, and travel wouldn’t take so long! All I can say to this is I’m excited what the next 20-30 years will look like as the future looks bright!

If you’d like to read more about this project and find any updates on where they are at in the process, click here!