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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: Space Elevator

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A ribbon like cable is anchored to the surface and it is extended into space, of all the places. Also called a synchronous skyhook, this space elevator is designed to make vehicle transport to the space or orbit without the use of large rockets.

Space elevator to visit space without rockets

An Earth-based space elevator would consist of a cable with one end attached to the surface near the equator while the other end beyond the geostationary orbit. The cable is held up under tension using the competing forces of gravity which is stronger at the lower end while the centrifuge force is stronger at the upper hand. The climbers can climb using the tether by mechanical means.

The concept of a space elevator was published a century ago by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895. A Canadian space company called Thoth Technology Inc has patented a free-standing space elevator that could one day take astronauts into space.

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