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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: The Aptera Solar-Powered Car

By March 15, 2021 No Comments

Looking like a mix between an F-1 car and the Batmobile, the world’s first mass-produced solar-powered car just took several more steps towards its first market day.

On February 18, Aptera Motors announced a $4 million Series A round of financing—and also 7,000 reservations of their new electric vehicle, worth a total of $250,000.

The Aptera electric trike has three wheels, costs around $25,000, and contains 34-square feet of solar cells which generate electricity to power the car for most daily commutes.

It can be plugged in, of course, for rainy days or nighttime, but unlike basic EVs it needs just 15 minutes of charge to drive 150 miles without stopping. Even the simple act of leaving it parked in the sun for a day can provide 40 miles of range all on its own—the equivalent of your car refilling itself with two gallons of gasoline.

They’ve also added intelligent auto-pilot features and taken advantage of 20+ years of innovation in battery and electric drivetrain technology to create what they call the best electric car in the world.

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