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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: The Smart Cane

By December 6, 2021 No Comments

A lot of things in our world are getting the word ‘smart’ put in front of them and for good reason! Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Smart Appliances, Smart Phones, and now another thing has been added to the list: the Smart Cane! In a world where over 250 million people are visually impaired with over 36 million people being diagnosed with blindness, it’s never been more important to see how we can make the world more disability-friendly.

That’s why a non-profit company called ‘WeWalk’ is looking to change that with their invention: the Smart Cane. Here is what makes this cane so special from their website:

“This innovative cane includes built-in speakers, voice assistance, Google Maps, a Bluetooth system that makes syncing to other devices possible, and high-end sensors that alert the user through vibrations when above chest level obstacles are within proximity—something a regular cane cannot provide.”

Here’s a video about it:

Isn’t that absolutely cool! Over 50 million people use canes in today’s world and while this won’t fix all problems when it comes to making things more disability-friendly, it certainly is a MASSIVE step in the right direction.

Click here to learn more about the Smart Cane from WeWalk!