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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: The World’s Biggest Moon Map

By July 28, 2020 No Comments

Ever since newer and nicer facilities were built, the old athletic facilities off of Highway 59 in Jacksboro have been in a permanent off-season.

Overgrown and broken, city officials had no idea what to do with all the vacant land for nearly a decade, until a company came forward with a suggestion that was out of left field. Like Neil Armstrong first did 51 years ago, visitors to the old Jacksboro ball fields will soon be able to walk on the lunar surface. At least, an enormous image of it.

The company, called Back to Space, plans to build a 25,000 square-foot map of the moon on the unused land. But why are they doing it in Jacksboro, a town of less than 5,000, and nearly an hour north of Fort Worth?

This is because they will be holding rocket competitions that will allow people to launch homemade rockets from roughly 1,000 feet away and try to land them inside The Lunar Landscape. Competitors will attempt to touch down on the same landing locations as the Apollo missions.

Someday, someone will walk on Mars, and it might just be because their dream was launched in Jacksboro.

To learn more about Back to Space or The Lunar Landscape, visit www.backtospace.com.

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