Jay Allen

Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: Walmart’s Driverless Trucks

By November 15, 2021 No Comments

Two years after partnering with autonomous vehicle startup Gatik AI to get goods delivered using autonomous vehicles, multinational retail giant Walmart Inc. said it is beginning to use fully driverless trucks to deliver online grocery orders in Arkansas.

Since Gatik began moving goods for Walmart in Arkansas and Louisiana and Loblaw Companies Limited in Ontario, it has expanded into Texas following a Series B fundraising round of $85 million.

The company now has a fleet of 25 self-driving trucks operating in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, California and Canada.

Gatik began its driverless operations in August and the company has five self-driving trucks operating in Arkansas for Walmart, including the two fully driverless vehicles, which operate seven days per week. The trucks run a 7.1-mile route between a Walmart fulfillment center and a neighborhood market.

However, the company still keeps an employee in the passenger seat of the driverless trucks as a safeguard, and they only operate in fair weather conditions.

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