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Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: Wendy’s Smartphone

By October 11, 2021 No Comments

In Canada, fast food chain Wendy’s is trying to entice customers not with a hamburger or fries, but with a company-made smartphone.

A few weeks ago, the restaurant chain debuted the first Wendy’s-branded smartphone, which Canadian users can win in a Twitter contest. The product is clearly a gimmick. But as far as we can tell, it’s a fully functioning device. The red-colored phone features a 6.4-inch touch screen, a rear-facing triple-camera system and a fingerprint sensor on the back.

But the real standout feature is the onboard Wendy’s voice assistant. “Just say ‘Hey, Wendy’ and you can set an alarm, get directions, even ask Wendy to tell you a joke. And if she feels like it, she might even do it,” the fast food chain says.

So far, Wendy’s hasn’t provided technical specs for the device, making it unclear what operating system it’s running. But the website for product notes it can make and receive phone calls and texts. The contest rules add that the phone itself is valued at $600.

The restaurant chain is using the phone to drive more users to the Wendy’s mobile app. To win the product, users in Canada have to download the Wendy’s app, like their favorite order, and then take a screenshot of it. They then have to post the same picture on Twitter with words like “Hey, Wendy give me a #Wendysphone” and alongside the hashtag “#Contest.”

The fast food chain has already randomly selected a winner last weekend but another phone will be given out on Oct. 17 during a Wendy’s Twitter live-stream event.

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