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We’ve Turned Christmas On It’s Head

Don’t let Christmas become more about created stuff than the incarnation of the Creator. Pastor and Author Paul David Tripp shares his thoughts on why we should slow down this Christmas.

“It is really sad how much our time, our effort, and our energies are captured by the cultural business of this Christmas time rather than the core of this story. The way I think about this is that we allow Christmas to be more about created stuff than it is about the incarnation of the Creator. We’ve turned it on its head. The glory of this story is that the Creator Himself becomes a man to rescue us from our bondage to the creation. How horrible is it that Christmas has become about bondage to the creation? So that’s just something you need to keep in your brain.

The second thing is it becomes more about decorating and acquiring than being rescued. You know what we all want to do and that’s to decorate our lives with beautiful things that we think will satisfy us. Maybe what we’ve done with the story is a metaphor of how we just want to decorate everything so that life is beautiful to us, but that never ends up satisfying us. It’s not wrong to want your house to be beautiful Christmas, but if that’s what the season is about, you’ve missed the whole point.

It’s about the fact that nothing is ever going to give us what our hearts longing for except the rescue of the Redeemer from all the false things that can’t satisfy us. It’s not about created stuff., it’s not about decorating/acquiring, it’s about the incarnation of the Creator to rescue us from all those false hopes.” – Paul David Tripp