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What A Failed Bargain Hunting Trip Taught Me About God’s Truth

By September 15, 2020 No Comments

Have you discovered something that looked like a great deal and you thought you beat everyone to the punch? I did this weekend only to end up looking like the fool.

I found a GPS coordinate for a clearance warehouse that had no markings. I walked in and was surrounded by all these brand new items and, let me tell you, I thought I hit the jackpot! Until I did a little research. We were on the search for some patio furniture and I found something that was missing the cushions and had a niceĀ sale price on it so I decided to check on how much it would’ve been to get the cushions. Turns out, not a deal.

This got me thinking of the times in our lives where we thought we got a great deal only to find out we’re just getting cheated. What may look good in the short term sometimes will cost us more in the long run. There so many enticing things this world has to offer, things that look really good in the here and now. But at the end of the day, it’s pulling us farther away from God’s promises, which are steady and true. There’s no cheapening God’s grace and God’s truth.