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What Are Rolling Blackouts?

By July 12, 2022 No Comments

Maybe you’re new to North Texas like me and you’re wondering “What are these rolling blackouts I’m hearing about?” I hope I can help!

First things first, you probably need to know who ERCOT is. ERCOT stands for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and they operate the state’s electric grid. When they see how much energy they have and how much is in demand and that number is near the same, they start these things called Rolling Blackouts.

This means cutting power in one part of the state to allow for the rest of the state to keep its own. After one city or region may have their power cut for a few hours, the power company will shift where the power has been limited to another city or region—hence the term “rolling.”

Though it may be a little uncomfortable, let’s do our part by loving our neighbor well!