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What Can Prayer Really Do?

By June 29, 2022 No Comments
I have a cousin who was a prisoner to drugs, but today, she’s thankful for her scars.
I remember when I saw this cousin in person after she had started using, it just broke my heart. Drugs had ravaged her body: Her eyes were sunken, she was missing teeth, she had lost weight, and just about everyone in her life had turned their backs on her. But God never did… Instead, he used our Aunties as prayer warriors on her behalf. Day after day, they continued lifting her up in prayer and let her know she wasn’t fighting alone. Then it happened. She gave her addiction to God and asked Jesus back into her life.
Nowadays she’s not only clean, she’s thriving! She’s managing a company and better yet, she’s now helping other women who were in her position to break those same chains of addiction.
Please never stop praying for that person in your life, friend. God is able.