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What Does Faith Over Fear Actually Mean?

By September 9, 2021 No Comments

There will sometimes be a situation when someone will ask you a question and it will completely shift your way of thinking.

I was driving into work this morning and Colin Smith was on KCBI doing his teaching program, Unlocking The Bible, which you can hear every morning from 4:30am – 5:00 am every weekday. If you’re ever up that early, you know him as the Scottish pastor. This morning, he made an interesting statement and then asked a question. Here’s what he said:

“The vast majority of parents parent out of fear as opposed to faith. Think about your decisions. Do you live according to fear? Or according to faith? Do you parent according to fear, or according to faith? Do you approach relationships according to fear, or according to faith?”

What would it look like if we so trusted the Lord? That we were really able to live out of the certainty that God is who He says He is? He loves you more than you love you. He really has gone before you and established the grace and the strength that you’re going to need at every single juncture.

I’ve always thought of myself as a really faithful person because I don’t struggle in my belief. However, does that mean I am always walking in faith? I don’t think so. Especially when it comes to parenting, I’ve been guilty of making decisions out of fear.

So what does it look like to make decisions out of faith?

You and I have the utmost privilege of living in the certainty of God’s sovereignty. When it comes to parenting, jobs, or even relationships, God doesn’t promise that it’s going to work out the way you want it to, but He does promise He’s going to be there. If it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, He promises that He’s enough to satisfy whatever you were trying to fill in His place. When a relationship isn’t enough, He promises that He is the one who sees the end from the beginning.

We don’t have to knee jerk react over things because we can walk in the certainty that God’s got this. I don’t think that gives us a pass when it comes to making wise decisions, but I do think that it gives us peace when we approach the unknown.