Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

What Does Godly, Christ-Centered Friendship Look Like?

What makes a solid friendship that is Godly and Christ-Centered? Overall, we would have to say that there are some things in common like shared values and shared interests considering you’ll at some point want to go do activities with them. However, it’s much more than that. It’s a commitment and what sets apart Rebecca’s relationship with her best friend Amanda is that they’ve been through some tragic things together and they have committed to each other that they are not going away. They are in it for the long haul as they fully accept each other and realize that the expectation is not perfection on either side.

Real relationships that stand the test of time require an element of intentionality and commitment. We are designed for intimate fellowship across the board, not just in our marriages. We are relationship creatures who need to be seen, known, and loved and frankly, it needs to come from more than just our marriage.

When looking at friendship, it’s important to distinguish the difference between transparency and vulnerability. Transparency may mean being honest, but it doesn’t give that person the power to hurt you however when you look at vulnerability, you are allowing that person into a much deeper place which will ultimately lead to a deeper friendship.

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