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What Is Your Adult Baby Blanket?

By March 1, 2021 No Comments

Baby blankets can bring comfort, but so can coffee mugs.

Random, I know, but I was thinking about those things that bring us comfort after a photo came up in my memories of an old coffee mug that has been to me in my adult years what a baby blanket is to a child. This polish pottery coffee mug was given to me a long time ago from a friend and since I was given it, I’ve moved 9 different times. I’ve moved across oceans, I’ve restarted my life, I moved in and out of people’s homes and now I’ve moved into my own home! But no matter where I’ve been and how much transition I’ve experienced, this coffee mug has been with me in my purse. It’s been the item of comfort in my life.

I bet that equivalent to a baby blanket looks very different for all of us. What is that thing for you that brings you comfort?