Praise Wall

What the doctors said is impossible, God said I can and I will.

When my son Noah was 2 weeks old (born a healthy 8 lbs 15 oz) was diagnosed with gbs meningitis. His health quickly deteriorated and fell into a coma. All body functions came crashing down and he was having uncontrollable seizures. The doctor had several talks with my husband & I about removing Noah from the ventilator & allowing him to pass because his MRI results were showing alot of brain damage. The doctor painted a horrifying future for my son. Noah was to likely have uncontrollable seizures for the rest of his life & his body would become immune to the meds. Noah was said to more then likely need a feeding tube, trac, shunt and that we would be spending mnths at time out of the yrs in the hospital with a very sick baby. Noah has just turned 1! No gtube, shunt,trac, seizures or hospital stays. Instead he has mastered rolling over, loves eating, enjoys dancing worship music w/mommy & baby talks. We are praying for complete healing but praising God for being so good! Glory to God!!