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What We Forget When We Go Through Seasons Of Uncertainty

Tim Keller is one of my favorite authors and he is actually a pastor/theologian in New York City. I’ve been assigned a couple of his books for my seminary reading and I’m so grateful every time I get to read what he has to say because number one, he’s so wise. He loves the Lord so much and number two, he’s very readable as opposed to a really high academic kind of book. One of his famous sayings from his book, ‘The Reason for God’ is:

“The God of the Bible takes our misery and our suffering so seriously that he was willing to take it on himself.” – Tim Keller

I think that we forget sometimes that we love and serve a God who allows his heart to be broken over and over and over for his people. There’s a passage in the book of Matthew where Jesus stands outside of the city of Jerusalem looking at it the crown jewel of Israel, the city of David, and he weeps. That word for weep isn’t just sadness, it’s a gut-wrenching cloak rending grief. That grief drove him to the cross with a mighty force.

The love of Christ is so powerful. It’s like a tidal wave in the sense that nothing can stand on its path, not even, and especially death. So as we are in this season of uncertainty and suffering, we must accept that God may or may not just deliver us from it. However, we can be certain that He is passing through it with us.