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“Whatever It Is That You’re Into, You Can’t Outrun The Love Of Jesus” One Woman’s Brave Plea To Her Hijacker

By February 8, 2021 No Comments

Recently I read a story of a car hijacking that took place in Hot Springs, Arkansas and my reaction wasn’t what I thought it would be.

This woman is just out running errands in Hot Springs when she sees two men running towards her car after what was a failed attempted robbery. They jump in, put a gun to her head, and just tell her to start driving. As she’s driving them to the ATM, she starts talking to her hijackers about Jesus and turned on Christian radio which started playing theĀ same songs as you’d hear on KCBI. Good news is this woman is safe and as she shared her experience with the news station she shared this line, “I just started to sing these songs and I was telling them about Jesus and I turned to this man in the back and told him ‘Whatever it is that you’re into, you can’t outrun the love of Jesus.'”

The reason my reaction to this story surprised me is because I found myself identifying more with with the man in the back than the woman driving. But I began thinking how this man’s life is messy just like my life can be messy on any given day and God would, in the midst of my mess, use somebody else to speak a word of encouragement into my life to help guide me back. That is such a loving God. Thank you, Lord, for reaching us even in the midst of our mess.