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What’s Next, Lord?

By October 5, 2017 No Comments

The phrase I use the most would be What’s Next, Lord? My story has been one filled with much pain, but joy, too! I remember going to my first Women of Faith Conference about 6 years ago and listening to the different women tell their story. I would lean over to my friend and whisper been there! When it was all over, I was thinking boy could I tell a story! Life’s been tough! At one point, instead of continuing to serve God, I became very angry and bitter! I didn’t want anything to do with God. About 8 years ago, a year after my brother died of cancer, I begged God to help me because I just didn’t want to go on with life! It was right afterwards, a coworker at school told me about Dr Charles Stanley’s broadcast. I started listening and my attitude changed! There has still been much pain, but I realized that with each obstacle, the latest my diagnosis of terminal cancer, right after winning custody of two grandchildren, that God has created a child of strong faith. I am a child of God.