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When God Says Yes: Lauree’s Next Big Adventure

By February 10, 2020 No Comments

I have some good news that I’ve been so excited to share for some time with you!

You know those prayers that you’ve prayed for a long time that the Lord has said “just hold on” to and then finally he gives you the green light? Well, I got my green light to a prayer that has been in my heart for some time now that all started with a Ham flavored cheesecake I made while I was living in the Czech Republic. The cake was disgusting as you could have guessed, but I look back with such gratitude for the people that served as guides during my time overseas as a missionary. Since then, it’s always been a desire of my heart to be that for someone else who may be new to America because I know much it made me feel at home when I was in a place that wasn’t home.

With all that being said, God finally gave me my greenlight this past weekend as I got to meet a family who has just moved over to the states. They’re still figuring everything out, but they’ve got the dessert department locked down because the sweets they made were delicious! I’m so looking forward to the days ahead as I can be in relationship with this sweet family and make memories with them. So if tonight you feel like God is telling you “just wait, hold on” in response to a prayer request, there will come a day that God says “GO!’ It will be his perfect timing.