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When You’re Just Not Feeling It, Do This

By January 23, 2019 No Comments

I’ve bumped into these verses several times in two days, and I know exactly what the Lord is telling me. We are to run our own race and keep our eyes fixed on Christ – a difficult task in a social-media society driven by shares and likes.

God has set a path before you. Don’t get distracted by “her” path, it’s not as easy as Instagram makes it look. She’s just as insecure as you are, and maybe even more. She’s lonely, too. She’s been rejected, too. She has regrets, too.

You were perfectly designed to do all that God has in mind for you to do. Don’t get sidetracked. Don’t swerve. Stay the course. Study Scripture. Trust that your joy is made complete in Christ and that the one who wired your heart will give you your heart’s desire as you become more like Him. You’ve got this. And more importantly, He’s got you.

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