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Where Is Rebecca?

By February 22, 2019 No Comments

Many of you have been wondering where Jeff & Rebecca have been over the last week and so we decided to let you all know what’s been happening. Jeff has been out all week due to a deviated septum surgery on his nose but last week, Rebecca started to experience quite a bit of pain in her back and neck which prompted what has been a crazy week.

Here is the update from her husband Mike:

“She had a herniated disk that flared up earlier last week. We came to the ER last Wednesday for pain relief and then saw the spine doctor the next day. Anyway, we were scheduled for a cortisone shot the following Tuesday but by that night, the pain was unbearable. We came back to the ER and they attempted to get on top of the pain, but nothing worked.”

So as a result, they admitted her into the hospital for surgery and praise God, the surgery was a success! They had to remove a disc in her back and actually fuse two discs together once they were finished. The pinched nerve pain is virtually gone and she says that she hasn’t felt this good in a while. However, while this is great news, this also begins a pretty long process of recovery for Rebecca as it will take her several weeks to fully gain the movement in her neck and back area so we just ask that you continue to pray for her as you know Rebecca. 😉

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