Jay Allen

Why Do We Worship God?

By October 27, 2021 No Comments

When asked this question, most will respond with the answer, “Because He died on the cross for my sins” or “because of how He has always delivered me.” Before I move forward, I want to say that these are all beautiful answers about God’s character and willingness to go above and beyond for His creation. We should have hope in what God has done for us and will do for us, but this is not the basis for our worship.

For instance, how would Christians in the Old Testament respond to this question? If Jesus hadn’t died for them yet, what would be their reason for worshipping God? Yes, God delivered them out of Egypt into the Promised Land but their worship was deeper than that. They did in fact have to be reminded consistently that they had be saved and delivered over and over again in the story of the Old Testament, but what was the very root of their worship?

What if we ask Adam and Eve before sin entered mankind (the Fall)? If they didn’t need to be saved from sin yet, what was their reason for worshipping God?

So many of us have a relationship with God that is heavily based on what we can do for Him and in exchange, what He can do for us. We’ll read our Bibles, memorize and study Scripture, worship every week on Sundays, and give faithfully to our churches in our finances. Now before I go any further, these are all great habits to cultivate in our faith. But if we think that any of these things make God any happier with us, we are not only underselling God’s holiness, we are also communicating implicitly that we are not in need of His grace.

All of those things listed are not for God under any stretch of the imagination. They are all for us. These habits all gradually mold us into the image of His son over the course of our lifetimes. We can certainly draw nearer to God, but it’s important to remember that God is already as close as He can possibly be to us because He has given us His Spirit in us.

This leads me to why we ultimately worship God. We don’t worship Him for what we get out of the deal. We don’t worship God for what He does for us or what He has done for us. We worship God because He is God. He is the Creator of the Universe and is completely and totally worthy of all of our worship.