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Why Your Marriage Needs A Supper Club

Has there ever been something that you dreaded saying yes to but found out later on that it was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made? That happened to Don years ago as he became part of a Supper Club. If you don’t know what a Supper Club is, it’s a group of people (often strangers) who get together periodically (probably once a month) and just do life together. Here are some reasons why Don thinks every marriage needs a Supper Club.

  1. Supper Club Is Something Fun For Us To Look Forward To.
  2. Supper Club Has Provided Our Marriage With Unparalleled Safety
  3. Supper Club Has Allowed Us To Be Students Of Our Friend’s Marriages

So go — find your people. Find the couples who will cheer on your marriage. I promise they are out there. Just be brave enough to extend an invitation!

If you’d like to read the full article that we are referencing from iMom, you can click here!