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Woman Shatters Expectations By Becoming 1st Autistic Lawyer In Florida

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*Photo Source: Haley Moss | Twitter*

At 3 years old, Haley Moss was diagnosed with autism and doctors thought she may never be able to work a minimum wage job or live on her own. Last month, she became the first openly autistic person to be admitted to the Florida Bar. She has also published multiple books, lives independently and works at a top law firm in Miami, though like many of us, she still sometimes forgets to do her laundry.

Joseph Zumpano is a co-founder and managing shareholder of Zumpano Patricios, the Coral Gables-based law firm founded in 2003 that offered Moss a job before she passed the bar exam. He said his firm’s practice areas, which include anti-terrorism and managed care law, are “intrinsically related” to his decision to hire Moss.¬†My advice for people with disabilities and people with autism that are¬†looking for jobs or anything is don’t place limits on yourself and knowing what you’re good at helps a lot, too,” Moss said.

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Moss later went on to state that “even with parents of young children, I always tell them, ‘you’re going to be amazed at what your child is able to do. Their journey is just beginning when you get a diagnosis. They’re going to be so talented and you’re going to be constantly surprised and amazed,’ and to really embrace that and embrace what makes them who they are, and what they’re good at and what makes them special.”

Watch the news story from WPLG Local 10 News as they covered the story below:

Isn’t that such an encouragement to read? Despite whatever obstacles you or someone you know might find yourself in, never let the expectations of people around you shatter your dreams and what God has called you to do!

This blog post was an excerpt from Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 website by Austen Erblat, If you’d like to read the full story, click here!


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