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Worthy, worthy to receive our praise

February 8, 2016

I thought I would add the order of events following Sat 6th.
I continued praising the Lord every hour through Sunday 7th, but this time I reminded the Lord of the legal cases pending against my son( I have a wrist watch that alarms me every hour). I became like the woman & the judge in the parable of Lk 18:1-8, & many times I thought of myself like on the byways & highways, desperately bidding people to come to the wedding, & some were too busy(like in the parable of the wedding feast). But with me, I almost felt like a beggar, even embarrassed, begging Christians to pray for my son. Some did not show interest, so I did not bother them anymore. But I managed to recruit the best godly Christians to join me in the intercession.

Today, Monday 8th, my husband awoke me about 2PM with another GREAT news:

THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY DISMISSED THE MISDEMEANOR CASE AGAINST MY SON from the criminal court, with the “PRIMA FACIE;” meaning, it didn’t even look as if my son had done it!