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You Can Have Perfect Peace

By September 22, 2022 No Comments

Are you dealing with fear, doubt, or anxiety today? Are there little worries (or big ones!) nagging at the back of your mind?

The solution lies in trusting the Lord and fixing your thoughts on Him.

You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you! 
(Isaiah 26:3)

What kind of peace does God offer us? Not an incomplete peace. Not an insufficient peace. Not an ineffective peace.

Perfect peace!

If you could use a healthy dose of perfect peace right now, spend some time thinking about how big God is, about what He has accomplished in your life, and about the promises He has made for your future. Fix your thoughts on Him!

When God is foremost on our minds, our problems don’t go away, but they are placed in proper perspective, and we can have the peace we long for.

Here’s a great post on finding and remaining in God’s peace
. I hope it blesses you as much as it did me.

Praying for you today.