Jay Allen

You Don’t Have To Be Right

By February 25, 2019 No Comments

I was perusing through social media last night when I saw something profound from one of my favorite authors, Jon Acuff. Over the years, my argumentive attitude has changed through reading scripture, hearing great wisdom from incredible leaders, and practicing good habits in my marriage. I by no means have it figured out but I have found that this advice has saved me from a lot of pointless arguments lately.

Here is the post from Jon Acuff himself:

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“Last night, I saw someone on Twitter say something that I disagreed with. I was about to reply when I stopped for a second and said, “What will happen if I do?”

If the previous thousand times I’ve done that were any indication, I would feel briefly justified in correcting their wrong opinion. I’d feel a brief bit of dopamine from pride or smugness. I would check for their response incessantly, anticipating some sort of snarky response. Then I’d get angry at said response and reply again, trying to prove that my opinion is correct.

That’s a lot of time and creativity to donate to a stranger. Instead, I just remembered I don’t have to be right. I really don’t. I certainly don’t need to spend this briefest of gifts, time, on an argument with someone I’ve never met.

Plus, they get to have a different opinion than me. That’s their right. In the same way that my wife thinks the Counting Crows make depressing music and I think Adam Duritz is an angel and if he wants the live version of, “Round Here” to be 17 minutes long, I’m here for it.

May you pause this week before entering the fray online. You don’t have to be right.” – Jon Acuff