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You ever laugh at God? Yeah Me Too.

By January 19, 2021 No Comments

and it’s not just us. In fact we have good company with Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 17 & 18) also laughing at God.

I’ve laughed one of those laughs when you’re hanging out with your friends and someone says something so crazy, all you can do is laugh. Your friend says he can run a marathon the next day with no training. Or a friend of yours says that she is going to write the next American classic or the Dallas Cowboys say they are going to win a Superbowl! 

We laugh. We chuckle and we say sarcastically, “Oh ok, sure ya are!” That’s never going to happen. 

But you ever done that to God? I have. No proud of it. But it’s true. 

I was reading this morning about this woman named Sarah, she was married to Abraham, she was like 90 years old when God told her she was going to have a child. 90 years old. And this wasn’t the norm back in the Bible days, she was old by all standards. 

She heard that and laughed, “Oh ok sure ya are God.” 

But when God says he’s gonna do something, He does it. His promises are true. Even if they are outlandish to the rest of us. 

Sarah had that baby. God fulfills his promises. Who’s laughing now?