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Your Life Is A Mathematical Miracle

By October 22, 2021 No Comments

I hope that if you’re reading this that you never think that your life is just random or a matter of luck. Your life and your value is truly a miracle. Let’s look at the math.

In order for you to be born on this Earth, what we all need is:

  • 2 Parents
  • 4 Grandparents
  • 8 Great-Grandparents
  • 16 Great-Great Grandparents
  • 32 Great-Great-Great Grandparents
  • 64 Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents

And all the way up to the 9th generation of grandparents, you would have a grand total of 2048 grandparents. For you to be born from 12 previous generations, you would need at least 4,000 ancestors over the last 400 years.

So think about this for a moment. How many struggles were those 4,000 people battling? How many difficulties did they face? How many love stories were in there? How many expressions of hope were there for the future? They endured all of them.

Of course, in most cases, they had no idea you were going to be here but you are because they did. It’s just a beautiful realization to think about the math of all of this since it takes so many people to bring you to where you are today. Not to mention how amazing it is to think about how God works a plan throughout all of this to make your life what it is today.

Do you want to know the overarching percentage of what chances you are of being born? 1 in 400 trillion! Can you believe that?

Sometimes we’re tempted to think that this is all a mistake, yet we don’t really see the bigger picture. But when it comes to God, He sees the whole thing.

Make no mistake, you are here because you have a purpose. God loves you and He has you. You are here for a reason.