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You’ve Broken Through With Your Kids Even If You Don’t Know It

By August 26, 2022 No Comments

That battle of trying to break through to your kids is probably already won, and you just don’t know it. I wanted to share this Facebook post from a mom about her breakthrough.


“I wrote my son a note for his lunchbox every single day this year. I bought fun packs of paper and stickers, and every morning when we were definitely already late – I wrote a couple of sentences. I always ended the notes the same: I love you tons. – Mommy

Yesterday was his last day of school. All week, I questioned him.
“Did you clean out your mailbox today?”
“Did you bring home any artwork today?”

On the last day, he came home with a backpack full of stuff. Old, broken pencils. Half-used glue. Connect the dots coloring pages. And then there was this – a large Ziploc bag full of


Note that I wrote to him this year. His sweet, sweet teacher had given him a bag to put them in, and there they were. 

“I can’t wait to scooter with you to the mailbox tonight! I love you tons! Mommy” 

“It’s Wednesday! Let’s have a fire tonight! I love you tons! Mommy” 

“What library book will you pick today? I can’t wait for you to read it to me tonight. I love you tons! Mommy” 

And on they go. Water fights. Secret (Amazon) surprises that might show up that night. “Be kind” reminders. I’m so proud of you. As he got more and more confident as a reader, the longer the notes got. Every single note for 180 days is tucked into this bag, and I just need you to know something – In the messy middle? In between the Thursday mornings when everyone is grumpy and late and everything feels hard? On the late night drive home after a ball game that was freezing cold? They do appreciate you. And they listen – I know it doesn’t always feel that way. I know they forget to say thank you, and I know it feels like a lot of things that you do go unnoticed. But I also know that they’re watching you more than you ever will realize and I also know that their hearts are overflowing with a love for you that is astounding. Just when you least expect it, that overflowing love they have for you will whoosh at you like a tidal wave.

And you will be undone.”