Praise Wall

Youve shown me & im ready

I won tickets to Womens Faith Conference this past weekend on 90.9 KCBI, & i cannot say how soul speaking it was too me. Before the conference ended they gave a final drawing for 2 tickets to the 2020 conference & a hotel stay & my name was called!! I honestly say I know God wants me to keep listening, hearing his word, & bringing others too him. He literally has a message for me & im so ready & willing to listen. That same night it was my daughters birthday party. On our way home we were driving south on 75 & me and my bf were just talking about how awesome of a day it was & then all of a sudden in front of us a car in the far middle lane turned horizontal of all the cars driving & time slowed down as all the traffic just stopped & only the car was moving & crashed into the concrete wall…. I was in this moment & saw GOD, he knew exactly what he was doing & i know life can be taken so fast and would i be okay with myself? everyone was ok in crash but God , im ready to be used by you