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Institute for Creation Research

Learn How Science Confirms the Bible

The Institute for Creation Research wants people to know that God’s Word can be trusted in everything it speaks about—from how and why we were made, to how the universe was formed, to how we can know God and receive all He has planned for us.

Founded by Dr. Henry Morris in 1970, ICR exists to conduct scientific research within the realms of origins and Earth history and to educate through training programs, conferences, media, and print resources.

ICR scientists have spent decades researching how science confirms what the Bible says. Each of them earned degrees in different fields, including genetics, biotechnology, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, nuclear physics, zoology, geology, medicine, public health, theology, and engineering. These experts travel across the country to speak at creation conferences and seminars.

ICR produces books, videos, periodicals, and other media to communicate its research findings and related information. ICR’s main publication is Acts & Facts, a free full-color magazine with a readership of more than 250,000, and its website features regular and relevant creation science updates.

The institute is currently building the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History next to its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at